The Australian Consumer Guarantees are a set of legal rights and protections provided to consumers under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). These guarantees apply to goods and services purchased in Australia and are designed to ensure that consumers receive products and services of acceptable quality. You can read more about the 

The key guarantees provided to consumers under the ACL include:

Guarantee of acceptable quality: Goods must be of a reasonable quality, free from defects, and fit for their intended purpose. This guarantee applies to both new and used goods.

Guarantee of fitness for purpose: Goods must be suitable for any disclosed purpose or any purpose that the consumer made known to the seller before purchase.

Guarantee of matching description: Goods must match any description or sample shown to the consumer.

Guarantee of supply of goods: Suppliers must have clear title to the goods, and consumers have the right to receive the goods they have purchased.

Guarantee of repairs and spare parts availability: If goods need repair, the supplier must ensure that necessary repairs and spare parts are available for a reasonable time after purchase.

Guarantee of express warranties: If a supplier provides an express warranty, such as a manufacturer's warranty, it must be honored and additional protection may be provided beyond the consumer guarantees.

Guarantee of services: Services must be provided with due care and skill, be fit for the specified purpose, and be completed within a reasonable time.


These guarantees cannot be excluded, restricted, or modified by businesses, and they apply regardless of whether the consumer purchases goods or services for personal, domestic, or commercial purposes.
If a product or service does not meet one or more of these guarantees, consumers have the right to remedies such as repair, replacement, refund, or compensation, depending on the circumstances. Consumers are also protected against misleading or deceptive conduct, and they have the right to take legal action against businesses that breach their consumer rights.
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